Monday, March 28, 2011

The Casting Couch of the Mind

Greetings, Fearless Readers. I have a lot to do in this blog post - so let’s get to it. First off, I have another blog. Yes. Another blog to keep up with. Yay. It’s about Urban Fantasy, but it’s not your average review blog. Check it out if you have a minute. Flights of Urban Fantasy.

Second: I’ve had a revelation! I realize I need to restructure Darklight. Sigh. I need to get my kid sidekick in a lot earlier, shake things up and bump up the tension. I knew something was wrong with the story and kept futtering about, not doing anything. Now I know what’s wrong, and I’m gonna try and fix it.

Thirdly: Let’s talk about dream casting. One of the best things about writing your own stories is casting the movie in your head. Imagine: the A list, the B list, all at your disposal! I only do this on occasion. I usually pick random, regular human faces, but when I started Darklight, I knew I wanted to give Richard Armitage a job.

Yes, he is/has been my current crush, but he’s a cutie, and I like him in the cop role. Wilkins is my main character's love interest. He is and isn’t the type of cop Richard has played before. The typical cop profile: a go-getter, in charge, alpha male, leader type, “brilliant” as the Brits say, in terms of doing his job. Wilkins is different in that he’s more sensitive than your typical cop guy who stands around and looks tough with a great jawline. I wanted a strong guy with a good heart. Wilkins never takes a cheap shot in an argument, he sees the truth of a situation… and he doesn’t mind passing on that truth, even if our love-challenged leading lady doesn’t want to hear it. Oh, and he dresses really well. Wilkins does, I mean. I don’t care what Richard Armitage wears

Now for the main female character, I imagine Miranda Raison from Spooks, one of Richard’s co-stars.

In an ironic twist, in Darklight she would be more like Richard’s character in Spooks than like Jo, the one she actually played. I cast her for the cute pixie haircut and the big blue eyes. I don’t know if she would be willing to revisit it again if this was actually, by some miracle as yet unseen, made into a movie in real life and offered to her. Not to mention, she’d have to dye her hair brown.That is what is so fun about the casting couch of the mind.