Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Sporadic Update on the Blog

I shan't bore you, Fearless Readers, with the particulars, but this weekend was made of suck. And now it's over. Which sucks slightly more. Oh well... I am up over 50K on the edits. I started with about 285 pages, only had chapter breaks for the first four chapters, and I've cut it down to 270 or so pages. Lots and lots of cuts. A lot of cuts, considering I'm at about 17 chapters now. I was really hoping to have been done by now, but this last week or so hasn't been so great, and my work ethic has really fallen off. I'm determined to get back on my roll.

The good news is, the betas are rolling in, and no one has said that my mother is a hamster and my father smells of elderberries. In other words, I don't seem to suck. Which is a very nice thing to know.

I've also been scouring the back pages of the Netflix streaming movie pages, watching the most horrible gothic trash and romance. Thank God for the BBC, or I might have climbed up on a clock tower at some point. (No - that is not an ominous foreboding. Should something happen to me, AVENGE MY DEATH!!)

^^ (The above was me invoking gallows humor! Not a plea for help. Seriously!! You know me!)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Observation Sprinkles

How did a week go by so quickly?! And how did I get over 50 Fearless Readers?! Two interjectory, hypothetical questions!!

First, let me address the week and how quickly it went. I've been working on the Horses WIP, and it's going really well. I totally immersed myself in this story when I was writing it - it was only my second attempt at a novel length piece of fiction, after all. It was the first story I dreamed about, I mean literal dreams, where I went to visit my characters in my sleep. It's amazing how much I've grown as a writer. I mean, I am knocking down forests of adverbs and infodumps. I'm trimming purple prose with a hacksaw! I'm still loving it though.

And the Fearless Readers. I am so grateful I'm not throwing words out into a cold, dark blogosphere to wither and die. :) You are the little flickering lightening bugs in the night... like the ones that had a nest under my aunt's porch and used to get in the house and fly around in my room at night... and scare... me... ok, I'm gonna come up with another metaphor for what you are. But whatever you are, you are good! I like you very much!

Now, I keep a journal, and in that journal, I sometimes jot down things I've seen or heard or felt during the day. Here are a few snippets for your enjoyfulness.

"Guys across the courtyard that stand around and do nothing are doing so again tonight... but there's an urgency there, one I haven't seen before. I wonder if something is afoot... they seem to be waiting."

"A flash, no - a shadow! running down the street, only glimpses of it seen thru the trees and the knee wall blocking the sidewalk. Too fast for a biped. Was that movement behind my car?! Or just my imagination? Why do I think there is something in this feeling it gave me?!"

"The edges of my Dragongar-inspirational-building-pictures are starting to curl. Wonder if they are telling me it's time to take them down and find new buildings for these new stories...."

"Oh... the guys across the courtyard had pizza delivered. You might consider cutting down on the joe, Sherlock!"

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'd Post... but

I am too busy trembling in FEAR! OMG. Fearless Readers: I have sent the Spiritcaster off to the four hardy souls who have agreed to crack open its digital pages and scan what is therein. **Deep breath** This is the first time I've ever gotten to this step. I'ma nervous. And sort of proud. And wondering where I go and what I read to learn how to write a synopsis... or drown my sorrows if the thing is one big giant mistake. :)

Oh, and I entered a Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes. You know. Cuz writing is the only job I would continue to do if I won Ten Million Dollars. And I figure the pressure of waiting to see if I win Ten Million Dollars will take my mind off the stress of waiting for betas!

So, I'm on track for my yearly goals. I didn't start the rewrite/finishing of Rabid Horses of Valdor on this day (I'm gonna work on that name, by the way - less melodramatic). But I have a three day weekend due to some scheduling changes at work, and I shall apply myself to having two - two hour writing sessions each day. I should make some serious headway. Oh, and watch The Proposal on Netflix again. I like Scarlet Johanson's hubby very much. That is all.