Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No Time to Blog!

Seriously! I realize there are only 9 days left in the month, and I wanted to be done with the edit of The Unicorn Conspiracy by month end. The reason : this book already had a polish that got rid of nasty adverbs and passive phrases. What it needs is story smoothing! Next month is the heavy lifting: The Truthsayer's Plot. There's very little of the "Plot" (yes, notice the capital P!) in there. But I am setting the bricks for the Plot now, so go figure. Then NaNoWriMo and what I am tentatively calling "The Spiritcaster" or "The Dragongar and the Spiritcaster" - but that sounds a little too Harry Potter.

I'm very happy with the changes I'm making, but that foolishness last post )about changing the beginning to start with Darik stealing the ***** {mystery meat!}) would just be stupid. All the tension started with "what is the Queen doing" would be lost. So, I still need to figure out the first chapter. Oh well. That can wait. I'm doing the rest of the editing, and happy to find some of the rocks I've left strewn around are helping me get over the rapids! It's great when that happens. I found a boy wandering around, and he's in the perfect place for me to change his identity and weave in a subplot I forgot.

So - there is no time for blogging, or tv! No time for Paranormal State! Butt in Chair time, Now!


  1. Sounds good, get to it!!! :D

    (And yeah, stick with "The Spiritcaster") ;-)


  2. I feel your pain. This is me procrastinating.

    Edit, woman, edit! *she screams to herself*

  3. Adam: Noted!

    Jade: Edit!!!


  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who occasionally forgets about a subplot, and is only saved from plot disaster by what had seemed an insignifanct character or circumstance!

  5. No - you are not. And I knew there was something I was leaving undone...

  6. Thank you Diana! :)
    I'm going - up to page 313! whoooo!