Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sorry guys...

As a blogger, there are times when you have access to people and you also have access to giving off your rage.

I am sorry this is not a writing entry... this is about that dumb ugly bitch Julia on Rehab Party at the Hard Rock.

She's not a nice person.

I don't like her and think she should get over herself.

Now I'm going back to watch ghosty tv.

More editing later.

This is why you shouldn't watch pop culture crap, when you are not a pop culture fan. You lash out inappropriately on your blog. Live and learn, kids. Live and Learn.


  1. Venting helps. :-)

    If you ever wish to scream at someone, you know where I am, sweetie. :)


  2. Oh well. Sometimes ya just gotta rant!

  3. PS I love the little kitty on your blog.

  4. Ha! I expected venom in my comments, but of course, hopefully writers are smart enough not to watch this shit! Thank you all! :)