Friday, November 6, 2009

NaNo Preparedness

How I prepare for NaNo : for to see picture below

#1 is Drangongar book, filled with secrets, inner workings, plot ideas and other lies.

#2 is the AlphaSmart Neo supercool Angie from AW gave to me. It has no internets connection.

#3 is my ipod

#4 is my new sparkly pen with editing purple ink still in it

#5 (hidden under the headphones) are my notecards for important character notes and the suchlot.

How kitty tells me that all this NaNo is cutting in on her "special" time.

but idn't she purty?


  1. Pretty kitty!!! :D

    Why am I not surprised that both your Ipod and Neo have been prettified? ;)


  2. you know what - Angie sent me the neo already decked out with fairy stickers and butterflys! I couldn't believe it - it's like ... it wanted to come and live with me! Seriously! I'm telling the truth... but I can't say I would ever blame anyone for not believing me, because, well, it's me!

    :) bettielee

  3. I love how you have pretty fairy pictures around your computer! I have Jack Sparrow, a fairy picture, and Christmas ribbons around mine.

  4. I am so jealous. I have a crap pc and a desk covered in newspapers, bills and kids crap.
    But woo hoo! I can comment in your blog! :D

  5. Thanks for stoppin' by! Yes, gotta have the fairies, and gotta give 'em screen time. :)

    Jo-I, however, have no life, no kids, no husband, no house. I pretty much have an ipod, a computer, a kitty and a floor full of torn up paper towels. That's about it! Oh, and my dream of being a world class novelist. :)

  6. That's what my house looks like! Except it's foam and the stuffing from the couch. Oh and they are puppies.

    I hope NaNo is going well.

  7. It's goin' awesome Jade... awesome! Thanks! And puppies r cute!

  8. Awwww, Cricket is so sweet! And I'm so jealous of your Neo. Great going on NaNo - keep up the good work!

  9. Awesome set up! It is how I imagined your writing space! Keep on truckin, my friend!

  10. Ha! How well you all know me... :) And yes, Cricket is sweet when she is sleeping.

  11. Nice! And cute cat.

    Have fun NaNoing!

  12. Nice space...are those pictures of cathedrals mixed in with the faeries?

    Now I feel inspired to make a backdrop for my mine.