Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Sporadic Update on the Blog

I shan't bore you, Fearless Readers, with the particulars, but this weekend was made of suck. And now it's over. Which sucks slightly more. Oh well... I am up over 50K on the edits. I started with about 285 pages, only had chapter breaks for the first four chapters, and I've cut it down to 270 or so pages. Lots and lots of cuts. A lot of cuts, considering I'm at about 17 chapters now. I was really hoping to have been done by now, but this last week or so hasn't been so great, and my work ethic has really fallen off. I'm determined to get back on my roll.

The good news is, the betas are rolling in, and no one has said that my mother is a hamster and my father smells of elderberries. In other words, I don't seem to suck. Which is a very nice thing to know.

I've also been scouring the back pages of the Netflix streaming movie pages, watching the most horrible gothic trash and romance. Thank God for the BBC, or I might have climbed up on a clock tower at some point. (No - that is not an ominous foreboding. Should something happen to me, AVENGE MY DEATH!!)

^^ (The above was me invoking gallows humor! Not a plea for help. Seriously!! You know me!)


  1. Bettie you ROCK! Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. Aww that's awful when you have abad weekend and have to start the week. I'm glad to hear that the betas like it! There's some sunshine on your Monday!

  3. Thank you guys... for the wishes and the sunshines.... :)