Sunday, November 20, 2011

50K in 19 Days - NaNo Win!

It would seem that I am a winner.

Yay me. :) Looks like I've won NaNo! I had a great day yesterday. Well, I did, my characters, not so much. I almost feel bad for my poor lovers. They haven't even started down the primrose path yet, and I've thrown a big ol' bugaboo in the way! But that's the way of it, I'm afraid. I got over the 50k. I guess I'm around halfway there. If that. I'm afraid I'm looking at a lot more than 100k, here but I know my beginning is a little overstuffed.

This week poses a challenge. Namely, Thanksgiving. I'm only going to be gone a couple of days, but it has been a killer for me in previous years. I spend more than a day or two away from the words, and they sort of shrivel up. I feel bad about bailing on my sister by getting a ride home with my folks on Friday, but actually it keeps her from having to make the long drive for no reason other than to drive me home.

How are you planning to approach the holiday?


  1. Great work! Keep it up!

    Well, when I'm some place where whipping out a laptop isn't exactly polite, I bring a notebook and pen. ^.^

    Hope you can make it through Thanksgiving and keep the momentum going!

  2. Congrats. I love the Charlie Sheen badge - WINNING!

    Well, I'm living abroad, where they don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so no real obstacles for me this week. Other than the ones I already had. Which are considerable, but not insurmountable. Hopefully.

  3. Thanks, Wendy! I forgot I also have to clean, which may slow down the wordage, so my folks aren't horrified when they come pick me up.

    Jennifer - WINNING! I hope you get some writing done despite your obstacles!

    thanks for stopping by!