Thursday, December 8, 2011

Exercise One: 10 Novels

Ok: Day one! Day one of what you ask? The Apocalypse? Have you seen the infected begin to stagger? The bird flu superdisaster? No. It's day one of le Grand Experiment wherein I perform the 12 simple writing exercises put forth by Writer's Digest, and I do it in public. (See link for complete list) Today is the first exercise: name of 10 books I want to write. Some of these are books I may have mentioned wanting and/or planning to write before, some are names I just came up with for the barest of bare plot bunnies. One of them scares me... it has a name now. It might come to life.

Here we go.

1. Race Across Doomed Flats
2. Last Left
3. Road Dogs
4. Of Later Elves and Dragons
5. The Doubletake
6. The Last War
7. Behold the Dragon
8. Bargain in Buttonwillow
9. Fairies of a Fallen Land
10. Gates of Eden

Hmm. That was kind of fun. Want to list me yours in the comments? Or maybe on your blog?

I'm not sure if I will post the 2nd tomorrow or the day after. We shall see how it goes. Until then, carry on, Fearless Readers.


  1. Oooh--cool prompt:


    1. Rats and Ferrets (i've been trying to write this one since i was 18... yeah)
    2. Dachs
    3. Walking Man
    4. The Jupiter Project
    5. Founders' Gate
    6. The General's Servant
    7. The Battle for Galileo
    8. Earthboat
    9. Delaney
    10.The Scavenger's Secret

    (most of the above are titleholders until i think of something better :D)

    I really want to read Road Dogs, and Bargain in Buttonwillow :-)

  2. So cool! Thanks for commenting, Samuel! :) Jupiter Project and Founder's Gate sound very cool! :) Good luck.