Thursday, June 7, 2012

Here's Hoping for a Better Week

So this last week has been made of fail. I haven't done anything since last weekend. Well, except for watch episodes of Castle, Firefly and The Big Bang Theory. And for all that Nathan Fillion's blue-jean colored eyes do for me, inspiring me to write isn't one of them. My brain was like spongie-matter this week. I blame the lack of calories. 

One of the big goals I had for this year was to try and eat better. And less. And you know, maybe some of the stuff that has green tops. It's supposed to be good for the brain, and the waistline. But I digress. What I'm saying is, I went all green and orange and dairy on my body this week and I think it went into shock. It's been running on cheap carbs and cheese for so long I don't think it knew what to do with itself. Add to that the bustle of the first week of the month with a bunch of new tasks at work, I come home a little more mentally-fried, and have a lot more excuses for why I didn't write this week. It's a slippery slope. 

I'm really close to finishing rewrites on my sci fi/ fantasy mish mash. I'm hoping to finish it this weekend, and then give it another tender caress next week. I feel like each editing pass makes the story and the world stronger. And I've bought some stew meat. I'm going to make some hearty stew. Some hearty, low fat, vegetable rich stew. Good for the waistline, and fueling my poor carb-and-cheese-deprived brain.

Here's to next week being more win than fail.


  1. I'm sure next week will be better and eating healthy is a goal achieved so I wouldn't say the week was a complete fail! As a little pick you up I have also given you a blogging award! Find the details here.

  2. Well, thank you for stopping by, Katharina. I do thank you for the blog award... but I've recieved so many... and they are kind of a pain... I Hope you will just accept this award speech:

    I would like to thank the Academy. I would like to thank all my friends and family that have stood in my way and told me I was a nobody. You really inspired me to aim for the middle ground. TOP OF THE WORLD, MA! BWAH HA HA HA HA (Insert more evil laughter here)

  3. All the weeks when you aren't writing aren't bad - that is all time you are giving your subconscious to patchwork together the ideas which will eventually come out - think of it like the "processing time" a computer program needs before it does what you ask of it. Everything has a reason. :)

  4. Nathan F's eyes are very brain frying I find, hard to focus on much else ;) Am sure next week will be better! Newly following, hello.

  5. Gary - wise words my friend. :)

    VL - thank you - trying, but so far, just a bunch of reading. :) And thanks so much for the follow!

    Thank ya'll for stoppin' by.

  6. I think watching Firefly counts as being productive! Like you (sort of said), your brain is a sponge! It was just soaking up all the awesomeness, storing it away for future creative endeavors!

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