Monday, January 14, 2013

363 Poem Challenge

So, some crazy lady on the internet (I'm looking at you, Pauline Campos! ) who has a child, twitters quite a lot and, besides the blog for Aspiring Mama I linked to above, also has a blog called GirlBodyPride that's all about women not hating themselves and their bodies (imagine that...) posted a link to  Schmutzie . com  - wherein was mentioned a 365 day poetry challenge.

My little ears pricked up.

I write poetry. And like Schmutzie, my poetry output over the last few years has been teeny tiny. I used to write poetry several times a week - not producing daily poems, but working on them was part of my life. I kept journals solely for my creations. I sat down, consistently, with the intention of developing a poem. I fear that my poetry output has been WAY less than 8 a year.* I only sit down and write one now when they come screaming up out of the abyss at me, and the abyss doesn't scream that much. As a matter of fact, the most recent journal entitled "Poetry" by yours truly was begun in 2005. It has 16 poems in it.

I am not going to do that math.

I decided, though it was January 3rd, that I would begin this challenge. Not a 365 day challenge, but a "Write a Poem Every Single Day in 2013" challenge. So I'll be doing a 363 day poem challenge. :) And I won't be boring you with it online. *cheers from the peanut gallery* It's a personal thing, you see. I've done well - I only missed one day. I have to admit, I'm not all that crazy about many of the poems, but I'm trying not to beat myself up over it. I'm also struggling with my prose, so I'm trying not to stress out over the poems.

Ok. Ok. I will hit you up with a taste. I am reading Lord of the Rings, and I saw The Hobbit, and this little gem was written on Jan 10th. It is untitled.


Hey ho, hobbit roll.
Dwarf bellow.
Elf stroll.
Wind and rain
and mud and sloe.
Forest, hillside, meadow, hole.
Goblin. Orc. Troll.

*Edited to make sense: Schmutzie said she had counted her poetic output and found it came to approx. 8 a year. I guess I should have made that clear.