Sunday, May 24, 2009

Forcing It

Well, I am making progress. Of a sort. I’m writing every day, but so far, it’s a bit of a slog. I'm trying not to focus on the fact the story isn’t jumping up and slapping me in the face. I'm trying not to focus on the fact much of what I'm writing will probably be written out, dropped, or moved. Oh how I hate moving stuff around, and having to find all the loose ends and tie them up! One always slips loose and waves in the wind, pointing and laughing at me. “And what about this?” “And what about this?” “Now this doesn’t work.” Mocking little bastard. I wish the muse would grab them and strangle them before they find voice. Sigh. I have to turn those thoughts off, and full steam ahead.

So, how do you keep going when it isn’t particularly fun, and things aren’t exactly leaping out of your brain at the speed of light? (that does happen sometimes, and it is mighty fine!) Today, I decided to take stock of where I was in the story.  I wrote a couple pages from two minor characters POV, just to remind myself of some things. Who knows what, and who is where, who’s in the castle, who’s in the hallways. It was interesting, because these are folks on the fringe, but important enough to see things the main characters might not. I had a captain of the Guard who’s noticed some weird goings on confront a magician. I had a servant girl sneaking around the castle and getting into some trouble. And loe and behold, it was the captain and the girl running into each other that created my conflict. I hadn’t planned that, it just happened.

I think these little sidetrips were justified. The girl could be a major thing later on, and I got to show another side of my captain, one that I’ve had in mind, but haven’t tipped to the reader, yet. In the end, not knowing what to do and grasping at what is inside these two unknown heads will end up adding layers to the story.

That is how the muse works, people. I don’t question it. I just try not to fark it up!


  1. I think the same thing when I draft, and end up positive that 99% of what I've written needs to go away. However, with some time away from it, I'll end up rereading and think not 'all' of it is bad. Give it some drawer time when your done and you'll see. :-)

  2. Tis better to write crap than nothing at all. :)

    As for sidetrips - I decided to add a secondary character on a whim while writing my novel. He took charge of his scenes and by the end of the book was practically a main character. He's gonna have some fun in the sequels too.

    LOVE sidetrips :)

    *Big hugs* from your stalkee.


  3. I take a shower... a shower gets my creative juices flowing. "Eureka!"

    But seriously, I keep on slogging through it, even though it seems stupid and that i'm writing badly. And then I take a break and come back, and read it, and tweak a few things, and it's not so bad after all.

  4. Thanks all for your comments.
    Angela - you are write. I do not pass judgement on what stays or goes until it has cooled, hardened and settled. I just have to remember that, write it! and let it set...

    And Abby - I must come to the computer to write freshly showered. It's one of my pre-writing rituals!

    ADAM! tackles with hug! You feel my groove, then, that is what the muse wants you to do, you must do it. (that first bit sounded dirty... ah, I'm leaving it in.)

  5. Indeedy, always follow your muse. :-)

    *'nother big hug*


  6. I write and hope the editing will make it better.

    That sounds miserable.

    Maybe I shouldn't comment on blogs when I'm so tired. :D