Saturday, May 30, 2009

Descriptive Descriptions Describe

I have been remiss in something. There is a lovely place I go to curl up and get warm and talk about writing. It’s a great, very supportive place and needs more victims (ahem)  I mean members. Please check out: Unless you’re an opinionated jerkweed. We don’t need any of those, and you wouldn’t last long. But if you are writer who would like to be silly and serious, and has a deep respect for other writers, needs love, or has love to give, please come and check it out.

Tonight was pretty fine. I got to do a lot of description, very little dialog. Not that I don’t like dialog scenes, but there are times when it's nice to snuggle up in a characters head and just look around. You set the scene, while adding layers to his character, showing how he reacts to the challenges of it or opportunities it presents. The land itself in this particular scene is also like a character; it is imbued with an old energy that was defeated (think the dark side of the force, if it was an animal that could be defeated and driven into a box canyon, then kept there by an army of Jedi, only my Jedi are Dragons.) This was a young man who had never been there before, and I had never had characters on the ground before, so it was fun to see it close up. And smell it. And hear it. Sometimes, I think people forget the other senses when it comes to description, but to me, the sense of smell and hearing make a description go 3D. Touch is also important, and sometimes, your eyes can touch things: a meadow soft like green velvet, or a mountain range with sides like sand paper. Snow laying on the ground as crisp as a sheet. Jagged rocks just begging to tear the skin from the tips of your fingers. That sort of thing. 

Well, Cricket (cat) thinks its time I stopped writing and play some fishing pole. I better go. (you don’t wanna be here when she gets angry...)

Till later!


  1. The best descriptions are always 3D.

  2. Ya for the link, and yay for the descriptions! Any time I'm describing something I have "use all 5 senses" running around my head. Makes a heck of a a difference. :-)


  3. I love it when you guys agree with me. You are both the best!


  4. I missed this when I looked the other day. Thank You for the support. *big hug and kisses* ... You'll have to get Adam to do the fondling. ;)

    Now, if I can figure out how to follow you, we'll be all set. :)