Friday, August 14, 2009


I haven't been blogging or following anyone's blog lately, but the good new is: I am writing. I'm so near the end I can taste it! I gave up worrying about word counts, because I would keep stopping to check where I was at, and anything that stops or distracts me is not a good thing: I have the attention span of my 4 month old kitten when I write. In the last week, I've had an 11 page day and a 13 page day. I know that pales in comparison to some of my uber-word count colleagues, but I am happy with 4 or 5 pages a day, so 13 is like 3 days of work for me.

I have embarked on the diet, and it's going... ok.... The pre-packaged food is nasty, but I am enjoying the simple pleasures of grapefruit and apples, spinach out of bags with low calerie dressing. They taste like ambrosia after undercooked pasta and lumps of mystery meat in foul, gloppy sauce. Now if I could only conquer insomnia.


  1. Yay for you sweetie!!!

    I wish you lotsa luck with both the writing and the diet. :)



  2. Huzzah on the word count! ... and best of luck with the diet. I am heartily sick of mine.

  3. Thanks Adam! snuggles!!

    Thank you Lindsey - I shall admit today was on "off" day - pizza party at work, and I could not deny the call of taco bell on the way home....

  4. WooHoo! Glad to hear that you are writing again.

    Good luck with the diet. As Garfield so wisely said: "Diet that's die with a t" ... I hope all that healthy food doesn't kill you. ;)

  5. Garfield also liked lasagne, which means he's okay in my book.

  6. Thanks Diana - and I am as one with Garfield and the die with a T - that cat was wiser than most...

    is that Scarlett Parrish in mah blog readin' mah words!? Thank you for commenting...

  7. You can do it! I'm so excited that you are almost done!