Sunday, December 27, 2009

Packing Up

Funny thing, this finishing The Spiritcaster. I didn't realize, moving on to the new year and the new book meant that after two years, I am packing up and leaving behind the world of the Dragongar.

It's an empty feeling.

I hadn't realized that would be happening. Not until today. I thought I'd move my computer over and angle it. Then I was making room for my new note cards (for my awesome new characters) and realized those half-edited manuscripts sitting on the desk shelves could be gotten out of the way. Then my eye fell on the box with all the Dragongar character cards. There's no need for that to be cluttering up the desk now, is there?


I don't know whether to consider the first two books of the trilogy "trunked" or not. I hate to admit that I see no reason to complete the third book if Spiritcaster doesn't sell. I hope that if I have the discipline to finish my books as scheduled, I'll have time to enter the edits on the Dragongar books a page or two or three at a time... I love the world and the characters, and the story, and I hope they see the light of day, not to mention a shelf somewhere, other than the ones at the side of my desk. I guess time will tell. Still, today, the day after, has been a little bitter sweet.


  1. Write it. You'll sell Spiritcaster. I have faith in you.

  2. I believe in you too!!!
    Go ahead and finish it!

  3. aw gee whiz... nothing like derailers to boost your spirits! :)