Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Spiritcaster and Goals for Next Year

Greetings, minions. Mama is finally checking in.

I am proud to announce that my first stand alone book in the world of the Dragongar, The Spiritcaster, is finished. (big sigh!) As I have said several times today, there is little that is more satisfying then finishing a piece of novel length fiction. It's easily the best and most satisfying thing I've ever written. This ended up at 103K, and was written in less then two months. 40 writing days, according to the careful stats I kept on my progress. It also ended up being the longest, and I thought it would be the shortest. The other novels? Each took about 8 or 9 months.


I think I have WriMo-itis. I engaged myself in the noble pursuit of 50K during the month of November (NaNoWriMo) and won handily in 22 days. Then continued on with NaNoFiMo to finish. Thanks to the NaNoWriMo sight, I also found JaNoWriMo and WriDaNoJu (Write a Damn Novel in June). I've planned my next years writing goals around these WriMo's.

Here are my goals for next year:

Jan and Feb
Write The Endways of the Gods: a multidimensional fantasy/sci fi mix

NaNoEdMo: edit The Spiritcaster

Finish the last 10k or so on a book called The Rabid Horses of Valdor
a fantasy/romance type deal
Also: hoping to have Spiritcaster out to betas

Work on edits to Spiritcaster, synopsis and query

June and July
Write a book to be decided, there are 3 possibles

Edit Endways of the Gods

Edit Rabid Horses of Valdor

Edit whatever won the June/July book idea

Nov and December
Write one of the two that didn't win the June/July race

Have you turned your eye toward next year yet?


  1. Wow, that's a lot of writing! One or two novel length books a year is enough for me because I'm really into short stories right now. I've had much more success with anthologies and ezines. Good for you!

  2. Blummin' 'eck, BL! :D

    I haven't decided what I'll be doing yet, but I plan to have some sort of list ready for a New Year's eve blog post. :-)

    Congrats on finishing The Spiritcaster!


  3. Congrats on finishing Spiritcastr. Next years goal look good (should keep you busy). Been thinking about mine too.

  4. Thank you everyone! :) Good luck with your own lists!

  5. Good gods woman you're on fire!

    Me, I've got plans to finsih one novel, tidy up first draft of another and hopfully get at least one more under my belt.

    Yeah, we'll see how that pans out cos life keeps getting in teh way

  6. damn life, anyway... :) Thanks for stoppin' by, Julia! :)

  7. Holy mackerel!

    If I planned this much detail in advance, my brain would goosh out my head and run to Vegas to get married to a vampire, but that does sound awesome.

  8. oooh! Adds getting married to vampire to list!

    there's gotta be a story in that! :)