Sunday, May 2, 2010


Well. I have admitted it. In the yearly goals list, I have my first fail. I did not finish The Horses of Valdor. Frankly, my dears (by my dears I mean you, Fearless Readers!) I got bored. Bored to death. Not a good sign. So, I coasted the last few days and did... very little. For now, the Horses of Valdor is in the trunk. I don't know why it no longer works. I don't know if I broke it, or it was broke before I began. Regardless, the real project, the one I know has a future, is Spiritcaster.

I've heard back from my wonderful betas, and I'm going through their responses one at a time. I found plenty of other things to fix along the way. All of a sudden filtering and unnecessarily clunky phrases are just jumping out at me. And fantasy speak. Oh, the source of all that is purple! Begone lilac! Speak like a human, not a character in a bad Tolkien rip off!

The next phase, and the one that frightens me the most, is the query portion of our program. **shudders** I'm going to try and do it in small bites. This week, I'm going to get the "elevator pitch" down. Like most writers, it is very hard for me to boil my story down to its base chemicals. I just don't know what to include and how to get all the good stuff in without a bunch of run-on sentences or sounding like a fool. I swear, I'm never going to write another book without having the elevator pitch done FIRST.


  1. Bettie, you can do it. I know you can. Queries are only scary because they seem to be, but if you research some good ones and sort of get a feel for what you want to say and get another set of eyes, you'll do famously.

    Sorry about your Horses story. It may just not be the one for you.

    Happy writing!

  2. We are all here to help you through this query process. Let me know if you need someone to read your query letter! aubriedionne at yahoo dot com.

    Maybe you'll come back to the other story someday :)

  3. In my limited experience, the query isn't the scary part - it's when they get back in touch with you and say, "Yes! We're interested! Send us the MS!" And this only happened to me with a 3000 word short. I can't imagine reading those words in relation to something 20 times as long... Chin up Bettie! You can do it! says the Skwirrel.

  4. You guys are all so frickin' awesome. Thanks for the support, and Aubrie - I shall hit you up. :)

  5. Good luck!! I've just started editing my new project and I'm in that "I suck lots and lots" phase so I don't even want to think about querying yet. I think taking it in small steps is probably a good plan though.

  6. Ugh to the issue with Horses. :-/ But who knows ... maybe later, something will occur to you that will make it fall into place.

    I hate summaries, loglines and synopses. I feel your pain!

  7. Yes, Jade. I feel ya! **thumps chest, twice**. I also hope that later on Horses will have its day. :( ...and I don't know what a logline is... I'm gonna pertend I don't need one...