Monday, September 26, 2011

For the Calendar Tells Me So....

Monday was teh awesome. I made some goals and I actually kept them.

I'm making use of Google Docs, including the calendar function. I made mention that I didn't keep a writing calendar this year and I really think it affected my productivity. For my regular journal, I like a dated, day by day calendar. For my writing, I used a month by month calendar and just jotted down my daily word count. I thought about using the Google docs calendar for that, but I noticed it has an hourly timeline on it. That's the problem with most online or electronic calendars - it's all about appointments. Then I thought... what about making appointments for the stuff I want to get done?

First, I admit, I went through and jotted in my "must see tv." Ok. I like a little tv. I have really really cut down my watching over the last few years. I have niche interests. I don't usually watch what everyone else is watching. I have only 4 or 5 must watch shows at a time, spread over the week. Then I went in and blocked out time to blog, just a half hour, then an hour for writing and an hour for editing. And I did all three of those things. Yay, Calendar! Yay, productivity!

Do not interfere with the will of the calendar!


  1. Just so long as you keep those appointments!

  2. I'm still just a little bit scared of this "calendar" of yours. What does it eat? Where does it sleep? Is English its first language?

  3. FK: true. I was bad yesterday. Had a long convo with dad on his bday, missed the first hour, and didn't get back on track.

    Hillary, you don't ask those kinds of questions. You don't want to know the answers to those things.

  4. Hope the calendar continues to be your friend more often than your foe. Personally, I can't get anything done without a to-do list, but if I try to schedule my day hour by hour I get off course and do nothing. Best of luck! Yay for productivity!

  5. That's actually exactly what I do! I love Google Calendar and have it synched up with my Blackberry. I get reminders for everything from my daily workouts to meetings to errands I need to run, and I get them in an email and on my Blackberry. Love it! Good luck!

  6. Anne - you are right! I am however, one of those happy spinsters with no kids and a 9-5 job, so my time is my own. I need to spend it better.

    April - the thing I like is that I program my time, and I head for home after work and I KNOW what I plan to get done that day. The blackberry thing is cool! :)

    Thank you all for your thoughts!