Saturday, September 17, 2011

Greetings, Fearless Readers

I am terribly sorry not to have been around. I've experienced a lot of ennui lately. I hope I'm using that word right.

But seriously. I lost my focus and wasn't writing, and I didn't feel like coming back and blogging like a writer until I had done some writing. And I have. I'm very close to finishing Darklight, an Urban Fantasy about a government agent (not our government, you understand) who looks for people with magical abilities. As you may imagine, that can get dicey.

I'm on Twitter now. Not that I use it very much - but I occasionally throw up a witty, profanity laced tirade you might enjoy. Twitter.

I've also written and subbed a short story for an Anthology. Miracle of miracles. I am not a short story specialist but I managed to get in there under the 10k limit, so, hallelujah!

Aaaand... more good news! For some mad reason, I went to check on my official "author" email that I use only for subbing. It's sat fallow for much longer than this blog - ever since last summer when I was sending out Jale of Dragonfael to agents. I found an email!! zoinks! No, it wasn't a request - but it was an incredibly positive response. The agent said the story wasn't for her, but my writing had potential! Did you read that?! I haz a potential! She urged me to re-submit to her in the future.

Two words. Wow. Za.

Also: (yes, I'm not done - I been up to a lot!) I've got my NaNo outlined. I even have the ending. First time that I've ever outlined a whole work. There's a little fuzz in the 2nd part of the story, but I have ideas for it. It's a gothic paranormal .... well, maybe I shouldn't say anything. But I really like it. I've got the plot. I need to do a little more character work. I'd like to know my main characters a little better before I get into it. I'm really excited.

And later tonight, I might make some cupcakes! Yes! Bakery goods! On top of writing and all that other stuff! I'm going to try and light up the social network scene this week - actually blogging and twittering and facebooking and everything. It's terrifying. I hope I survive.

Thank you for your patience, and I hope you'll be reading me again, soon.


  1. What an awesome little nugget in your inbox! I have to say that I love it when someone takes the time to invite future you to send them future something.

    And - Yay for cupcakes!

  2. yay for cupcakes.... follow up on cupcakes coming tomorrow...

  3. Glad you got back into writing! I found you on Twitter! :)