Friday, March 15, 2013

To Do List

3 Day Weekend To Do List

1: Find Tony and get in his car, in which case, the rest of this list is irrelevant.

2. Edit that damn fantasy thing. (If needed, re-read the email received after sending the first 3600 words off to a respected-writer-friend who liked it and responded to the OMG reveal at the end of the first scene appropriately. Then rub hands together like Mr. Burns and say "Excellent.")

3. Clean bathroom.

4. Clean kitchen.

5. Boop kitteh nose at some point.

6. Review the last 3 books you've read that you haven't reviewed. 

7. Make sexy wiggle eyes at blog followers to keep them interested.

7b. Or maybe just a gif of Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch laughing.

No, darling. Thank you! 

I am sorry I've not been around. My production has been spotty. I am feeling like a total chub. I've been escaping into the warm landscape of other writer's imaginary places rather than my own. But I am going to try and knuckle down and get my focus and my drive back. I made a lot of headway last year but I did not reach the goal of subbing, which I intended to be doing in January. JANUARY. Of THIS year.

But I shall carry on. Thanks for being there....

Are you struggling with anything? Focus? Too much going on in your life to get down to writing? Watching the Avengers instead of writing? We've all been there... feel free to tell Aunty Bettie your troubles in the comments.


  1. LOL!! I love those animated gifs. :)

    Carry on...

  2. I give quality stuff on this blog... only quality... :) thank you for stopping by!

  3. Ah. This 'knuckle down' thing of which you speak. I understand it in theory - I'm having some difficulty with putting it into practice, though. Maybe I need a hectic deadline - or a faery role-model, yes? :)

  4. But who is to fairy-role model for the fairy?! tee hee! :) I'm trying to get better. I got one review done and each time I go in the bathroom/kitchen I do at least one thing.... Gettin' there.

  5. Why are other people's to-do lists so much more fun than mine? Love your Tony Stark pic - can't wait for the new movie. Or some more Sherlock eps. I hope you got the booping done.

  6. The booping has been done to the appropriate amount... :) the kitchen is ok, the bathroom is very clean. :) I also greedily await new movie/episodes of Sherlock! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  7. Your kitteh seems always in need of a good *boop*...

  8. Been busy working (or, alternatively, watching Castle and messing around with paint and glue) but, Auntie Bettie, teh writings is *hard* when you're nearing the endgame so every move has to be the right one... It's like setting up dominoes. Every one has to be in the right place and fall at the right time to achieve the desired effect. Unlike with dominoes, it's not so much a matter of hand/eye coordination as brain/plot coordination, and why are we not allowed, on days like these, to treat our beloved manuscripts to a brief dalliance with Mr Flamethrower?

  9. Westie - indeed! And Starlingford, you put your finger right in the pie with that. You are right. Exactly so.