Saturday, April 5, 2014

This week was mostly fail

Yeah. This week was crap. 

I did not write on Monday the 31st like I said I would.

I did edit on Tuesday, April 1st, the beginning of Camp NaNoWriMo like I said I would but not on the project I said I would. And then I didn't do squat for the rest of the week, until today, when I did more editing like a good girl.

Ironically, The Vampire Baron, the project I meant to edit this month, is a gothic romance that is one of my most favoritest things I have ever written. And most of the people who beta'd it said the same thing, or something along those lines, I do not mean to put words in people's mouths, but I got great responses from Beta readers is what I am tellin' you. But it has a flaw.

A major, fatal, 'did the character just grow a huge set of stupid?' kind of flaw.

This flaw requires rewrites, the breadth of which I have not done before. I know what I need to do - I almost have it figured out and written down, that is how close I am to knowing what needs to be done.

But I'm scared.

Like the clown in It kind of scared. If It were to manifest in front of me, it would be in the form of manuscript edits, which though a rather ethereal thing, I would know what it was and would be terrified.

So instead, I am working on a mishmash genre piece called The Endways of the Gods which is about these superhero type fantasy folk who go through portals into other worlds, it's a whole 'other thing. It's also something that terrifies me but it probably has no chance in hell of finding an audience and I can just edit it for me. I will continue to do that until the fear of the manuscript edits on Vampire Baron go away and I can pick it up without hyperventilating.


  1. *stands by with pith helmet, giant flashlight, pepper spray, and box of donuts!*

  2. I sat down and wrote finally only to get feedback back on my Chapter 1 the same day and realized I had to rewrite it because the pacing is all screwed up. *head desk*

    The new project sounds fun. I'm always game for shiny new projects when you need a break from something else. Sometimes the new prospective really helps, you know. ^_^

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