Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finally Something to Blog About

Well, despite having the sicks, I managed to finish the first rough edit of The Spiritcaster, and don't hate me, but I think I have a valid piece of fiction writing right here at my fingertips. It needs some tightening and some clarifying and some brutal throat ripping, but I don't think it sucks too bad. :)

That's the good news. Now comes the part I don't like so much. I hate marking up with pen. Then it has to go in the computer, and it never fails, I'm miserable when transferring red marked pages into the computer. I get impatient, and worse, I rarely like what I've edited in pen afterwards, so I end up doing another fly-by edit as I go along. Sigh.

Also, I have started another book. Don't ask me why. There's a reason I cannot tell you, but regardless, it has begun. It's a commentary on post-modern distopian class-structure.... oh fuck it. It's a quasi-urban elf and dragon fantasy. :) When they said the meek shall inherit the earth it meant the elves were going to get it after we pollute it and leave it to rot. They're not exactly happy about it, either.


  1. Good! We should leave the earth to the elves. It would be a much prettier place. Good luck with your pen edits. (I do mine on the computer because it would drive me crazy to have to go over them again!!!)

  2. I find that I have more detail when I write on a notebook, and prefer that to computer. :)

    Good luck with your new novel!


  3. I always enjoy red penning a manuscript, but, as you say, transfering those edits to a pc version is a pain.

    Good luck with the new story, bettielee.

  4. Use a different color?

    I love the premise to your new story. For me I have yet to finish something novel length all the way through. So I've never reached the editing stage.

    My current plan is writing it out by hand. Typing it into the PC and editing as I go. Then for a third draft print it out and red ink it and type it up again. Send it out to some betas and edit it one more time.

  5. I use a green pen! :)

    Good luck on the new book, and hope you feel better soon.


  6. I wonder if the Republicans are turning us into distopians. Hey, ya gotta blame someone for the mess.

  7. It seems you have the writing obsession.

  8. Congrats!

    I actually find the fact that transferring paper edits to the computer frequently results in further editing ... to be an advantage. You basically get an extra "pass" for free. (Sort of. ;-))

  9. Thanks for all the input, guys. I ended up at home for two days with this illness and was only well enough to scribble notes in a notebook... and AW of course. Thank you all! :)

    oh, and i use violet ink in my fountain pens when editing, dunno why I still call it redpenning!

  10. I edit on the screen. Yes, I'm weird.

    Also, yay on the new story!

    And how could I possibly hate you for having something good on your hands? I want to see more awesome books on the shelves--especially when they're written by people I like. So there! :p

  11. Wow, neat idea for the new book

    I agree with Lindsey, when I transfer notes I find new ways to edit and it's like an extra step that hopefully makes it a better piece ;)