Saturday, February 13, 2010

It Has Begun. Editing the Spiritcaster

Current: 35/500 pages

Well, I'm two weeks ahead of schedule! I've cracked open The Spiritcaster and begun the edits. Only 35 pages in and I'm a little relieved. I feel this is the best story I've ever written, but I wrote it very fast, with little regard for silly things like chapter breaks or purty wurds. I was frightened. Color me surprised when I read the first few pages. Not too shabby. Doing a quick look ahead, I did note at least five chapter breaks, but I know I abandoned them after a few weeks, just putting hashmarks for POV changes. I know some terrible passages lurk in the distance (you know, when you don't know what to write, and putting the words down feels like laying bricks instead of forming sentences?) Yeah....

Other good news. I've finally learned how to spell weapon. Now if only I can learn how to spell ceiling (without the spellchecker, that is!).

I'm going to celebrate my good fortune with the last of my birthday cupcakes and Tim Burton's Big Fish.


  1. Repeat after me: "The weapon is stuck in the ceiling." ;-)

    Congrats on being ahead of schedule!



  2. "The weapon is stuck in the ceiling." ; "The weapon is stuck in the ceiling." ; "The weapon is stuck in the ceiling." ; "The weapon is stuck in the ceiling." ;

    ok, I cut and paste. Thanks, Adam! :)

  3. Great work! Editing can be such a pain, congrats on getting ahead of the game!

    And if you're having trouble spelling "weapon" or "ceiling", just check your handy thesaurus for alternatives. Instead of the weapon is in the ceiling you could type the killing device is stuck in the inside top of the room :-)

  4. Buoy. That's the word I can't spell. Ever. Not even sure I spelled it right just then.

  5. CR Ward: always looking for ways around ceiling.... I hate that word. but ooh! I spelled it right.

    you're good, Sarah! But that is my most unfavorite word to say.

    Adam - you know I r a cheater!

  6. At last, my browser is letting me comment again. How's the editing going Bettie-Lee? I always find it a struggle to start with.

  7. Happy belated birthday, Bettie. :-D

    Did you make your own cupcakes? I love baking from scratch.