Thursday, February 11, 2010

Remember that Last Post? Yeah....

So much for that. I FINISHED! Those little bastards... turns out the twisted road I took down into the underworld of the city of Hanar turned out to be the end. So instead of meandering on another 40K, I actually pulled this mother up under 97k! Whooo!

Speaking of 40... or being on the verge... this is just in time for mah birfdays. Yes. I turn 39 tomorrow. Feel free to party along with me all you want, cuz all the rest are going to be like Groundhog Day. You can continue to ask how old I am, but since I have forewarned you, I am no longer obligated to tell the truth.

It's not about turning 39... it's that I don't feel 39. I don't act it. I mean, I pay my taxes, I have a steady job, apartment and obligatory cat. But I also have a dream and a stack of manuscripts, my sense of humor is firmly in place, and though I don't get the manga or the anime the kids are into these days, I have every Sleater-Kinney album available and a Ten Club membership in the Pearl Jam fanclub (It lets you download bootlegs. Oh yeah).

So. This is the last post I will write as a 38 year old single girl with cat. And probably the last time I mention my age. :)



    Woop! :D

    Age is nothing. Srsly.


  2. Happy Birthday!!!!

    And congratulations!