Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is Story Too Much To Ask For?

Sigh. Where is the week going? I haven't opened the WIP (Work In Progress - some people that read this blog wonder if I have some sort of fetish they don't know about, so I'm going to try and be more 'spific when I use my anagraminals) in two days. I have, however, seen Avatar.

I wonder if I'm getting jaded in some fashion. I mean...we were just watching that for the effects, right? So much of the story didn't hold weight when you look at it, not to mention: stereotypes, anyone?! Did that Colonel guy not look exactly like one of the soldiers in one of those movies where the toys go crazy? Can Sigourney Weaver pick a single stereotype? She starts out as uber-bitch scientist until she jumps into the blue creature and all of a sudden she's everyone's buddy and mentor.

I found a lot of it uneven and unsatisfying. The most disturbing thing of all: if Earth is so dead, how is it they have the resources for all the technotoys? Like in the Matrix when all the clothing is torn and unravelling at the seems, but they have these massive war robots. You can build a megaton robot but you can't grow enough fiber to clothe your people?

So the Earth is dead and dying and they send crews out on 6 year journeys to get this "Unobtanium"? (If that's even how you spell it. Sounds like a first draft name if I've ever heard one. I once named a disease Impossiblitis. In. The. First. Draft.) Then it's six years to get the material back. Why not just colonize, take the planet over and have done with it?! Not that I want to destroy Pandora. I'd have been there with the Discovery film makers using the network of television to bring their plight to the people. But if I wrote the story, the science people would have had a reason to be there. Does this cutthroat company seem like they would want to send botonists... BOTONISTS?! out there to discover the wonder and magic that is Pandora, when all they want to tear it up and get the goodies underneath? And why is this company the only company there?

See what I mean? I think the editing is getting to me. I'm tearing apart good quality entertainment. Infecting the interwebs with my malaise. Is it too much to ask for a story that makes sense? Or should I just let my mind wander and my eyes feast? Can't I do both?!

You tell me.


  1. Lol! You are so right on with those observations. The edit mode is hard to turn off. Like when you go to a movie or watch a show and you can tell when the writer got really lazy.

  2. I won't see AVATAR. I won't see it. I don't care if it IS the best movie ever made. Although I know it's nothing like TITANIC I will not put myself through another epic Mr. Cameron production.

    Everyone tells me I'm crazy, it's amazing. Thank you for proving my theories correct. I wouldn't have liked that moved.

    I mostly do my own thing and don't allow prejudices I've had from past experiences to jade me. But after wasting 3 hours of my life on the shipwreck that WAS the movie Titanic, I am going to let history speak to me in this case.

    Was is centered around a love story too?? *shudders*

    Sorry. I'm going off of 1/2 hours of sleep and I'm super happy someone finally told the truth about the movie. {{{Hugs}}} to you Bettie! Rock on sister, rock on!

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  4. Sadly, I think that as writers, we spoil a lot of movies for ourselves. There was something I watched w/ my family recently. Hubs & daughter enjoyed it & I said, "Now... do you want to know everything that was wrong with it?" I did love the effects of Avatar even though I could see what was coming. I've learned to stop blurting out plots 1/4 way into movies & just hope for some kind of unexpected twist :)

  5. LM: I usually don't see these things till after a couple viewings, but this time, they just leaped out at me. I am usually pretty forgiving, but you are right.

    Kara - hold fast and true! :) I felt the same about Titanic.

    June: I try and not do that around my friends (no hubs or daughter) cuz they all think I'm crazy enough. We go to the movies, and the one movie I think is original and want to see they think is dumb. All they want is Sweet Home Alabama and Obvious Smarmy Romance #2. My friends disappoint me sometimes.