Saturday, May 26, 2012

Reading and Writing

Well, I can't believe it's been a week since last post - but this week went pretty quick. That happens when you're busy. I've gotten so much done on the edit of the current sci fi/fantasy mish mash this week. I've also watched a lot of episodes of Castle. A lot.

The one thing I'm missing in this new apartment is furniture, and reading. The latter is a result of the former. In the old place I only had one nasty chair. When I moved, I decided not to bring it. I am a single gal living alone, and my ability to lift and heave furniture is limited. So if/when I got something new and decent, getting rid of the old chair would be a difficulty... not to mention, not having the chair will hopefully inspire me to save to buy a new one! And for those of you wondering, no, I can't read in bed. I will stay up all night.

In the meantime, I have nowhere to sit and chill. Or read. My reading has been limited to lunchtime at work. I find myself looking forward to it. Getting lunch together quickly, sitting down, opening up that book and falling through the pages. Reading in small teacup sips is ok, but I miss having big sweaty soda cups full of it. Not to mention, every time I check mark something "read" on Goodreads, I feel a strange surge of accomplishment. Hopefully, in August I will be purchasing a couch. 

August can't get here too soon.

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