Friday, November 2, 2012

Day One And A Half

Day One of NaNoWriMo started for me at 12 am November 1st. I had come home from work and took a nap so I could stay up! Even so, I got pretty tired by the time 2 am came. But I got my first 3000 words - make that THIRTY-FIVE-HUNDRED! :) And they were good! Then I had two more writing sessions (during the daylight hours) and brought my total up to 9,353 words total for the first day. As of this time, I've had one writing session today and I'm at 12,393. I am quite pleased.

This is my second time writing a gothic romance. And yes, the second time there will be a vampire. It's not exactly a sequel, but the imaginary Vampire land of the other book exists in this one as well, but it takes place in England. There will be romance, but again, the gothic part of the story is more evident and important than the "romance" part. Even so, the romance should be pretty delicious. ;) It's a haunted house story at its core. I'm basing it on a real place again this time, but I found an actual plan of the lower portion of the house, so I am using that. It will be a more realistic portrayal. 

I'm not exactly pantsing and not exactly outlining. I do know a lot of the story, I know the great-big-main-turning point scene wherein the villain is revealed. I know a little more about the past than what happens in this particular story but I think that will help. Before I sit down to right, I try and now exactly what I'm going to be writing about, so that I sit there and WRITE, not stare at the walls. 

It's good to be writing again. It feels a little weird, and not as comfortable as it could, since I've spent 9 months editing. And I still haven't written queries. I need to do that. Like, soon....


  1. Good lord, save some words for everyone else ;)
    I can't believe you already managed so many, the passion is certainly there!

  2. Thank you my friend! I also feel the need to front-load, as Thanksgiving always throws me for a loop.

  3. Wow, 9k for the first day! That's amazing. Go you!
    I love that you work on gothic romances--they're one of my fave genres. Can't wait to see your books published so I can read them, haha ;)

  4. Hey, I can't wait to see them published, either. Tee hee! :)