Sunday, July 15, 2012


Rejoice with me, Fearless Readers! I have succeeded! Edit-palooza, in which I give a final edit to an entire 90k novel in one three-day weekend, has come to an end, and I have emerged victorious!

I still feel weird about a 20k chunk or so where the prose isn't as brisk as I would like. But on Monday I am going to le Kinko's and having the bad boy printed out for a final comb. I need to do this for many reasons. One: a final read through edit. I got make sure Faery is spelled right everywhere, and it's witchdoctor not Witch Doctor. Or worse, Which Doctor. I'm still not super sure my male MC is where I want him to be. I might gather all his dialog and go through it. Make sure it all sounds like it came out of a British mouth. :) I might have to do some more research for that. Ahem.

Also, I have the worse notes on this story than I have on any other. I need to take notes on spells and magic and relationships. And who did I kill? A good kill list is a good thing to have.

Now I go and watch me some Firefly. Might have me a little chocolate milk, while I'm at it. Livin' large and in charge. That's me.


  1. Personally, I'm a huge fan of the "Oh watermelon, you understand me", but that's probably because I've actually seen my bird in action, doing that. LOL Though my cat totally gravitates toward the computer. ;)

    Woo, great job completing your edit! At least you know where you want/need to work some more on the editing. Yeesh, gotta get off my butt and do the same for book 2 in the series I just had contracted.

    Chocolate milk - that's the way to live it u!

    1. Or "live it up", even!

  2. Well, first, let me congratulate you on the contracted book! :) and best of luck with your own edits. And yeah, I know how to party down.