Wednesday, July 4, 2012


So sayeth the Avengers!! 

First, let me wish all of you fellow Americans a Happy Fourth of July. The pops, bangs and fizzles are going off as we speak, but are far enough away not to be disturbing kitteh. For this, I tell God thankya. I spent the day editing. And Twittering.

Is the 4th of the month too late to declare your "GOALS FOR THE MONTH?" I thought about that as I was reporting my daily output in on various threads on Absolute Write , a most fabulous writer site I have mentioned ad infinitum. We have a NaNoWriMo and Beyond forum. Each month, we start a new thread and we all say what we're going to try and accomplish that month, then check in daily with what we've done. I decided this month would be simple. Rather than try and say what huge word count goal I'd achieve on my edits, I decided instead to try and edit/write at least 6 days a week and write queries for 2 of the books I have in the edit stage by the end of the month.

My goals for the rest of the year, however, are grand. There are 4 books in various stage of being edited. Two have had one full edit pass, one is 4/5ths edited, one hasn't been touched yet. The goal is to have them all edited and ready for query by the end of the year, at least. I want them all somewhat decent and ready for betas by November. If I've done that, I've told myself that I can participate in NaNoWriMo. Party time, Excellent! As you might see, I love to write books. It's just a matter of getting them edited... 


  1. AHHH, Mark Ruffalo wants me to write! *runs away*


    Fantabulous goals, Bettie, on top of an already-productive year. Good luck!


  2. Yay goals! And I'm not sure I could get anything done with Thor looking over my shoulder. Not unless he was giving me some kind of incentive. ;)

  3. thanks, Hillary! :) I'm trying....

    Kristen... I know, right?