Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Paperblanks Fan Girl

The first step in overcoming an addiction is admitting you have a problem. I can admit I have a problem.


If there's a cure, I don't want it. I can admit to you and to myself that I have a thing for journals. I keep a daily journal of course, but most of these are for keeping notes on my works-in-progress. I sometimes hoard them.... saving them for just the right purpose. The above photo is but a smattering, and that gorgeous red one hasn't found a purpose yet. 

My favorite journal is made by Paperblanks. Yes, that is a link. And no, this is not a sponsored post - this is just me going on about something I truly love. I just bought an 18 month week-at-a-time planner and got a sweet 10% off coupon for my next purchase, but that was from Jenni Bick Bookbinding, the place I order my journals since Borders went belly up. I recommend them, most highly. Good shipping prices and very quick service. I'm usin' that coupon for my 2013 planner!

Above are my dated journals. The one in the back has a page for each and every day, dated, as well as monthly calendars for each month in the front. With a full lined page for each day, it gets me to journal every day as well as keeping track of birthdays, outings, rendezvous with various folk, you know. The new one (on top) shows a full week at a time, spread over two pages. I got it specifically to keep track of my writing goals and words per day/edit counts, etc. I can plan my week and see at a glance what I've done, or haven't done. These journals have buttery-smooth paper, a pocket to tuck goodies in the back, ribbons to use for place-markers, and an elastic strap to keep your private-most thoughts safe. They also come with removable address books. Now the ones at the top of the post are lined journals, but not dated. You may notice some of them have a flap over the front. This is a very good magnetic closure. The best thing I can say about these little buggers - I have hauled that butterfly journal with me everywhere; in purse, in sack, to work and back, and after 7 months, it's still in excellent shape. The outside is just as gorgeous as the day I bought it; it shows no sign of wear, the binding isn't cracked and there are no pages coming loose. I can actually say I've never had such problems with any of my Paperblanks. The journal lies flat and is a dream to write in.

I think the love of journals is more than just the smooth expanse of gorgeous lined paper... the pretty on the outside... I think it's that it is a book. And like most writers, I've loved books since I was a tiny person. A journal is a book you fill up yourself, all on your own. The magic of the blank page and all it's promise. Or a place to spew vitriol and venom when people piss you off. I don't see myself being cured of this tendency to hoard them anytime soon.

I'd like to thank my friend Seema and her iphone - she took these pictures for me, as I am camera-less.


  1. I have the same problem. I have a hard time just walking by the office supply section of WalMart. Blank lined paper gets me all sorts of excited. :)

  2. Spiral notebooks. Before I made myself fill them with words, I had an insane amount of empty ones. I go crazy for pockets and dividers.

    I agree with you. There's a wonderful comfort in books, even if just to carry around in your bag or tote around in the crook of your arm. Using them is nice too ;)

    I shouldn't have looked at Paperblanks...I can see why you collect them :)

  3. I think we are soul mates! I don't have many yet but since I discovered them Paperblanks are my absolute absolute favorite journals! I have these two beauties: Looks like real mental! & this one is wonderfully Asian inspired. They aren't even full yet & I've got my eye on new ones!
    What I love the most is that they close magnetically, super practical!

  4. Kristen - I also have trouble passing up anyplace that sells office supplies... I love rhem.

    Charlene - sorry... all of my 90's journals are in heavy duty spiral notebooks, too! :)

    Katharina - those are gorgeous... and I have a character named Brendel in a story!!