Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pats Self On Back

I love to listen to.... stuff.... while writing. Usually, it's the goodies on my itunes, and believe me, it is stuffed full and wide of music. I'm in my (very) early 40's, and the CD began its quest for domination when I graduated high school and started to work for a living. Music has ever been my achilles heel when "getting myself a little something". So you can just imagine how many cd's I own. All of which have been uploaded to my itunes. Rock. Country. A little rap. Classic 80's. Classic 70's. Alternative. Grunge. "Progressive" 80's/early 90's - yes, that used to be a genre, pre-Alternative, which I imagine will be as obsolete as "Progressive" in another 20 years. But I'm not shouting at the kids to get off my lawn when they play the Katy Perry, and you all know how much I love Ke$ha.

If you didn't, let me just me say it: I love me some Ke$ha.

I'm not above searching the 'net for some more variety. I've used Grooveshark, Pandora, just a little - I usually prefer to choose my own songs onto playlists, and Grooveshark does that. I'll also go to Youtube and find playlists of videos... but those ads before each one can throw you out of the mood.

Sometimes, however, I get tired of all the f*#$ing and drinking. I mean really. Have you listened to some of the lyrics blaring out of the modern radio station? For those moments, I have showtunes! Guys n Dolls. Phantom of the Opera (those of us in the Know just call it Phantom!). I also love straight up classical music, or the Mediaeval Baebes. I know people say I need to get into the Celtic girls, but they seem schticky to me. And didn't they cover a Wilson Phillips song?

When I get up early on a weekend or day off, rather than music, I will open a window and listen to the burble of the fountain in the pond. Now that they've turned it up for some reason, it's very good at canceling out the doubt in the head while writing. Someone in the SF&F Cantina on Absolute Write turned me on to . I see that getting visits from me in the dark nights ahead.  

However, on Monday, I came home full of purpose. I was going to work! Serious work! Serious bsns! I quickly ate dinner and opened the WIP. Got to work. Had about 1000 words when I realized I was sitting there in utter silence. I hadn't even opened the window. And the dishwasher wasn't clanking away (there is no point listening to anything with that monster bashing away at my dishes not even 3 feet away from me.) 

So this whole blog post was to say that I got another 1600 words on Endways and I did it in utter silence. Surely that deserves a pat on the back.


  1. W00t on the words :)

    Yeah... lyrics get to me too. I have Pandora on at work sometimes when I'm not writing & I have to be quick with the volume. Songs you had no idea swear - DO ON THERE!!!!

  2. I know, right?but even the edited songs on the pop stations are just filthy. Sometimes at work I just turn off the radio and put the ipod on. Yes, I am a snob, I have an ihome at work... :)