Monday, August 20, 2012

What a couple of days....

Wow, internet. What a couple of days we've had! In case you've been under a rock, here are a couple of things that happened in the last two days.

I don't usually get all political, I leave that to the smart folks. Until something comes along that pushes my buttons. And button one specifically says "Vagina-less dorktards qualifying rape and/or molestation". Yes. I went there. I went on a mini-Twitter rant, which, as per usual, has NSFW language. I don't tend to edit myself when I get pissed, so if you are a delicate flower, I suggest unfollowing me. In case you've been under a rock, here is one of the many articles about it. Wherein, a senator, one on the House Science Committee, no less, uses 3rd grade sex logic to say that "Victims of legitimate rape don't get pregnant." 

Apparently, this servant of the people believes our lady parts can just "shut that whole thing down" when raped. I may be paraphrasing. I am not reading what he said again. At this point, he's already claimed he "misspoke" - which is politician for "I said something unpopular and I'm trying to cover my ass." Part of his backpeddling is that he meant to say "forcible" rather than "legitimate". I guess he doesn't believe a young girl in a household with a predator in a position of power regularly raping and molesting her, who has been groomed to be a willing victim, has this super power. Shame. That's the first group I'd give this magical power to.

Wouldn't you think if our lady parts could shut down anything, we'd also shut down the rampant cancers that kill us by the thousands every year? Rumors swirl that he is going to be asked to withdraw from the Senate race and his supporters are distancing themselves. I hope they also distance their money from him. Unless, of course, they are paying to send him back to 8th grade sex ed. That I would support.

Then this morning I get up and learn that Weird Tales, a paragon of spec fic, was going to publish the first chapter of that racist mess Save the Pearls - and no, I'm not linking to it. Here is an article with some of the author's complete fucktardery explained. She claims she's written a dystopian where the race issue has been turned upside down. Unfortunately, the author knows jack shit about racism, considering she calls white folks Pearls (wow! what a slur!) and black folk Coals. She also refers to this as a Beauty and the Beast tale, with the white girl the beauty and the black man the beast. Classy. Octavia Butler and Samuel Clemens are probably turning in their graves. 

I read the blog post Marvin Kaye, the editor of Weird Tales wrote, defending the book. Which I guess he hadn't read, because now he's completely changed his mind according to the publisher. (The blog post is linked to in the io9 article in the previous paragraph, but it's been taken down, so you can't read it. Sorry.) They have reversed their position and won't be publishing the chapter. None of this was done until the ravenous hordes withdrew their stories from submission, and in general, the magazine got bitch-slapped all over the internet by the spec-fic community. 

So, that's Insanity 0 - Internet 2

Other things.

This girl is braver than me 

My microwave died.

I got two gothic-romance story ideas in two days. 

So I must write ALL THE THINGS! Allow me to leave you this photo of a baby giraffe using his own back as a pillow to tickle your happiness bones.


  1. I went on a rant to my friend about that stupidity, then I had to go on lolcats for a couple pages to get my faith in humanity back.

  2. Yes, I dosed myself heavily with LOLcats and cats demanding cheeseburgers. :)