Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why I Went To the Modern Day Version of the Woods

Mr. Spock pretty much sums it up right there.
I have come to the horrific discovery that it is August 1st. This means there are only 5 months left in the year. I have four novels (I hope) that are sell-able but in need of things that sell novels: like getting them edited and writing queries and such. I said I would do that by the end of this year. And I promised myself: No NaNoWriMo unless the four books have each had a good polish.
I'm not there. And I so want to participate in NaNo; not twisting it to my own needs, but writing a real, new book. I love writing new books. I just suck at editing them.
To do that, I really have to get off the internet. This thing is worse than the tv. When I’m sitting on my ass watching tv, I know I’m watching tv and being a bum. When I’m on the internet, I somehow convince myself I’m doing something other than wasting time. I’m interacting with other writers (even when discussing kittens abandoned on doorsteps). I click links on the Twitter and read blogs by other writers, getting tips from agents and editortips from real-life functioning editors. And the cat videos. Oh, the cat videos....
Cat videos can never be anything but a waste of time, but who can look away?!
I must.
I’ve decided the surfing must be curtailed if I am to achieve my goals. Not that I won’t be around. I will just be using the internet for good, not evil or cat videos. Sigh. Cat videos. There are many forums and threads on AW where one can track one’s progress, get encouragement... or brag. I love to tweet #amwriting or #amediting and want to take part in #AWritein. I will still blog my journey. Feel free to email me if you have it, or PM or DM me on AW, Facebook or Twitter if you just can’t deal with the reduced amount of bettielee in your life... or if there is a really amazing cat video you think I should see. I will be checking all those places, just not posting as much.
ETA: the irony. I tried go online to and post this blog, and there was something wrong with my internet. The gods have spoken.


  1. Editing is just boring, right? We know the story, so why should we return? Or at least that is what it's like for me. The difference between baking cupcakes and planning a healthy meal, so to speak. ^^

  2. Yeah. For me, it's sort of like... I will never make this as good as I want to, so I'm reticent to start. In other ways it is really awesome.... hmm... that might be a blog post, Diandra...

  3. I know so many people say, "Never edit as you go!", but if I don't do at least a little editing as I go along (like, at the end of major sections, or related chapters, etc.), it just makes it harder later on.

    But then I go pootle around the internet. I admire those who can truly escape!

  4. I'm doing my best. I've curtailed my activities, but I don't feel like I've really accomplished much more... sigh. Thank you for stopping by!