Saturday, August 18, 2012


Well, despite the cat's opinion up there, I am a little relieved. Now. But I had some minor distress Thursday. I came home with teeth gritted and hands balled into fists meaning to get down to serious business. Meaning: edit time on Endways of the Gods. And after hardly an hour of work, was crestfallen.

It was garbage.

And worse, I wasn't able to make it better. I had a vision for what I wanted out of this chapter and I couldn't make it happen. The voice is totally off. The pace is terrible. I knew what I wanted to say, but it kept getting in the way of what needed to happen in the chapter. Things just kept getting worse.

That is the most terrible feeling. I gave up and ate some crackers and cheese. Sometimes, it's all you can do. Then I came home Friday, the bad taste of Thursday's disappointment still in my mouth. Ok, maybe that is the most terrible feeling - when you feel defeated before you even begin. I did some petting of the incessant kitten that is the internet, then sighed, opened the WIP and sighed some more.

Well, I don't know why what was so impossible on Thursday entered the realm of possibility Friday night. It took a really long time to edit, and I went back over it again and again, but I got it there. Well, as 'there' as possible. After about two and a half hours, I had the 6500 word chapter lean and mean at 5500 words and singing.


This morning, I approached the WIP with the same reticence as I did Friday. If Chapter One was that much of a mess, what awaited me in chapters two and three? To my joy, way less suck than the first one. And who doesn't like discovering that?


  1. I think the first chapter always needs a lot of work, mine will need a complete overhaul. But no matter how bad you thought it was, you didn't let it overwhelm you. Congrats for getting right back in there and whipping that chapter into shape! If you overcame that, then all the rest of them should be a breeze. any of those crackers and cheese left?

  2. Thank you for the support my friend... and yes, do help yourself to chicken in a biscuit and cheese in a can. *gentle hug*