Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cranky writer is cranky. And Hot.

I am still trying to work... I really am. I'm getting a little editing done every day, but it's very slow going. It's been hotter than a you-know-what here, and my drive home have been long and miserable, so that is NOT helping. Nor is the napping. I have been napping a lot. Which doesn't help the going to bed early. The good thing is that I am still sleeping. I can't blame this on insomnia. I'm just napping, then staying up late with a movie or a book, and in general being a slug.

I hate the heat.

I am also having lots of fights with teh kitty. Verbal wars, you understand. She will NOT STOP scratching. The screen. The bedding. And don't tell me to buy her scratchy stuff, cuz the kitteh has every scratch-able thing currently available on the market (read: Walmart). She does not lack for scratchables, scritchables, toy mice or ball races. She could start her own black market mice nip trade if she wanted to.

Hopefully, the marine layer will be back in force, cooling us down, and this heat-pocolypse will go by the wayside. And me and kitty will make for better room-mates...


  1. It's not hot here, but getting editing done is like... ugh ugh ugh. However, it's all my fault in my case. ;)

    Hey, my kitty is a pain in the butt too! I can completely relate to you on that complaint.

  2. :) I just have no energy - the heat wave is sucking my will to live! Thanks for stoppin' by hon! ;)