Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Significant Edit Completed!

And here is a picture of an adorable kitty to celebrate!

I've finished a pass of edits on my gothic romance! It's still 26k too long, so I don't know that I should celebrate yet, but I'm going to do another down and dirty edit over this week. We'll see how it shakes out, and then pass it on to the betas, and hope they will tell me where I need to apply the scissors.

But today, I can face down the Avengers with little shame.


And even a supervillain


  1. Haha, that's great. Congratulations!

  2. :) Thank you! And thank you for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for sharing these pictures. I've saved them on my laptop, so that I can constantly be reminded to WRITE WRITE WRITE!
    And congrats for finishing a round of edits! I'm still slogging through my edits, and it's going so s l o w l y. Good luck on your next round. :)

  4. Thanks - things have slowed to a c r a w l here as well! :) The heat is not helping!