Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Wrap Up May 12,2013

Greetings, fearless readers. I've left the blog lay fallow for a week. A whole WEEK! I have found a real gap in my story and it pulled me up short. I realized that my character doesn't have a background - or at least doesn't appear to in the story. I think it works without it, but her background is one of pretty intense pain and it's rather integral to the story, considering what is going on. I think it will add another layer. I'm just worried about making it seem like I just peppered this stuff in at the last minute. So I started the edit process over again. At 5 AM this morning. Yeah.

Words edited: 37,623
Number of blog posts: 2 - 1 on the book blog, one here
Words on new space opera that really doesn't need to be getting in the way of my other projects: 312
Number of days I edited: 2
Number of days I took a nap: 4
New coffee creamers purchased: 2

And thank you, Lucky for yet another coupon for buying 2 and getting a $1 off. :)

There was another premiere of Star Trek: Into Darkness in New York, and a slew of Benedict Cumberbatch interviews on the tv - thankfully they all found their way to Youtube, as I don't have cable. 

I went ahead and had a Star Trek marathon, as I realized I hadn't seen the movies in forever. I got through all of them... convenient as I was not editing. :( Or reading. :( They were great fun. My favorite is still Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, where they have to bring whales back from the past to stop a dastardly probe. And of course, the last one, Star Trek: Nemesis. Even if it breaks my heart a little.

Next week must be better. I've been working on a beta for A WEEK. That is ridiculous. I usually read quite a lot, but all I've been doing is coming home and sleeping...then watching movies. The only reading I've done is at work during my lunch hour. So next week - reading, editing, and getting that manuscript to the betas.

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