Monday, January 18, 2010

Cruisin' to 40K

Current Word Count 41,136/100K

Currently: trying to keep Cricket from destroying my desk

Have you seen that commercial? The McDonald's one where the guy doesn't want to talk to anyone until he's had his coffee? That's me. Except he's a guy. He's an actor, not a writer. And he is on TV. I am in my apartment.

I'm going to go out on a limb here. You know of bloggers who post irresponsible things about their work on their blogs and get fired? I am going to walk that line. At my work, they have substituted caffeinated for decaffeinated. I was never included in this secret meeting, this now infamous meeting where it was decided that decaf would rule the day. Or as I see it: rue the day. My days are rued. I don't know if that is a word. But weeks with decaff coffee four days a week are taking their toll. Thus, this rambling post.

Regardless of this four day a week "rue-ing" I have achieved 40K! whoooooo! Had a great night, where unexpected things happened. Had my characters sitting around a campfire. I wanted a little getting to know you banter and BAM! BOOM! They know things about each other, things they haven't told each other. I guess it's some sort of psychic link.

In honor of all this, I am posting a picture of Cricket. This makes no sense, but your dealing with someone who had decaff coffee today!


  1. I never drink decaff coffee. Why would they go and replace the coffe like that? It makes no sense.

  2. I guess the decaff was 2c cheaper or something. :(

    Hang in there, Sammich, and YAY for hitting 40k!!! :D


  3. Maybe its a plot to overthrow me - you know, get me tired and then throw me in the bay? I don't know...

    Adam -I'm hangin' the best way I know! :)

  4. You definitely should've been invited to that decision-making meeting. ;) Glad you hit 40 K. That's a lotta words!!

  5. Glad your word count is moving up!

    Sorry about the decaf.