Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Decisions and Delight

Decisions. Let me show you them.

Right Here I listed three possible stories that could be written during the two available novel slots this year (yeah, I think I'm pretty awesome, planning three novels, and yet having four stories!) Since there are three stories, and only two time slots, a decision had to be made. Thanks to the muse having more "visions" for one, and the overwhelming response of my Fearless Readers (FR is what I call you!) I have decided that The Unicorn Hunter gets June/July and the Road Dogs gets the coveted time slot of November/December (can I get a NaNo cheer from the initiated? Oh yeah!)

Adam, no boo boo lip! Look at it this way, I have time now to plot and plan and make it more awesome!


Oh yes. The current book. Going sooo well. You remember how I kept chirping about how great the last book went? This might be more awesome. I've introduced the four characters and it seems the Female MC is made of epic win. All my other stories have had very strong female characters, and the one quasi romance/fantasy I wrote had a male character with a very gentle vibe. I was worried the one adult female in my group of wanderers wasn't going to be strong enough, but she's just.... awesome. I should have more betterer words than that (going on about being a writer and all).

It's not that she's a knife flinging badass... it's that she taught herself to be one! She's not a fighter, she's a potion maker, but seeing that herblore has been lumped in with black magic, and the folks in charge are protected by these muscle bound cretins that may not be human, the lady took things in hand and armed herself. She's devoid of romance. She knows how things are and that people gotta do what they gotta do. She held no malice against the women who helped their husbands capture her. She saw the capture coming, knew she couldn't do anything about it, knew why it was happening and she accepted it. She also knows that just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. Not everyone learned that from Jurassic Park! Jus' sayin'!


  1. *Hides boo boo lips behind his hand.*

    Good luck with both new 'uns, and your current 'un! I'm sure you'll nail them all.

    Though Road Dogs will sell more cos it's awesum. Srsly, I've seen the future. Iz fact.


  2. Where there flying cars yet?


  3. LOL at the Jurassic Park comment. So true. And good luck with your novels. Do you really write a novel in only two months?? For realz? Man, I feel like such a lozer now. :)

  4. I did In Nov and Dec - for the first time. It's just 2k a day! and that's plenty of wiggle room to get 100K in two months!