Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why Do I Write? Good Question.

Word Count: 56,148/100K

One of mah buddies, the soon-to-be-published Adam Slade over at Editing Hat posed the question How did you get started? and I answered it. Now he has asked Why do you write? Now I'm answering that. I guess, if Adam asks a question, it seems that I will answer it.


I find my answer is near to his, in that I don't write to ponder some great moral dichotomy or political agenda. When I find themes and symbolism in my writing, I assure you, I'm as surprised as the next person. I've always written what I wanted to read. I love to escape. I'm always looking for the door out of reality. If one opened to Narnia, right now, I'd jump through that fu#@%r with nary a backwards glance, White Witch, Big Scary Minotaur thing or no.

You know what would be really awesome? If there were others that wanted to follow.

Arm yourselves, Fearless Readers! I think I felt a cold draft from the direction of my chest of drawers!!


  1. I'm ready to delve into your chest!


    Good post, Sammich! :-)


  2. Oh.. LOL Adam ... LOL, I'm with you BettieLee, I started writing stories I wanted to read :)

  3. Adam... that was most amusing! :) Tho I had to figure it out... cuz I was going with "closet" and then I thought... no.... chest of drawers is moar betterer!

    HMC: we're like... the best! :)

  4. In the apartment I used to live in there was a retention pond. Beyond the retention pond was a building under construction but it had a spotlight and it made a reflection on the pond. My friend and I always pretended that it was a portal to another world and if we didn't like our lives so much we'd go jump in the pond and enter the portal.

    We were both in our 20's at the time. Actually it was earlier last year.

  5. Wow! I love that story! **goes and looks for retention pond**