Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kitteh Update, General Ramblage

For those of you following my plight, I just want to let you know my kitteh is back to being unpleasant and biting me, thus, this phase of heat is over. All we can do is duck and cover... and fear the coming of the next cycle. I like to think this is teaching me the true meaning of dread, to further my writing....

In other words, I am three days in on The Endways of the Gods and things are going swimmingly! I'm up over 10K, 11,206 words to be exact! (blush!) I'm feeling a little strange, having never written third person omniscient before. I hope it doesn't come across hokey. :) I'm a lot more prepared, as far as the characters went, this time. It feels like the story is coming to life. And the prose doesn't suck as bad as The Spiritcaster. I think the moral of the story is to write on a regular basis! I don't want to experience that feeling of laying bricks rather than forming sentences, Evar. Again!! I know the SC will be cleaned up and made right, but reading it now is ultra-cringeworthy. I'm glad to know I can write fast and coherently at the same time.

I have also accepted that I have become... a plotter. Yes. One of those. Never thought it would happen to me. It's just a series of sentences, the things that are going to happen. That's all. I keep it open while I write, and as I change or add to the scenes, I adjust the outline. I'm also keeping track of the chapters this time. Being frustrated at only having the outline on the computer, I made a set of index cards with the outline points, so I can fiddle and add while not on the computer.

That is all, dear readers. I am off to watch a little Star Trek the Next Generation on a Japanese website. Or is it Chinese? I am sorry, I have not the skills to tell the difference. I do love it so...


  1. Outlines are evil. :D

    At least for me. Though keeping track of what you're doing is vital, and it's good you've found something that works for you.

    Also, Japanese characters generally has a greater occurrence of simpler characters. And Korean has those squares and circles. Chinese is the one that always looks very ornate - even when it's simplified.

  2. :) thanks Boston! All I know is, they advertise some really disgusting looking canned food on the site!!