Tuesday, January 4, 2011

All Hail Neo!

Thank Gawd for Neo! I’m not talking about Keanu Reeves… that’s another kind of appreciation, altogether!


(You’re welcome!) I’m talking about this jobby:


I can get right to work, no internet pawing at me for attention. No smexiful Richard Armitage wall paper to give me the googly eyes.


(You’re welcome!) I just put my head down, put my fingers on the keys and WRITE! I’m getting two thousand words… in about an hour and five minutes!! GASP! Shock! AWE! I can’t believe it either! It’s amazing what can happen when you actually write instead of staring at the wall, pondering the ramifications your golden coated words will have on the establishment and the age of (genre) literature… once you get an agent and get published, that is. (details, details!) I used the Neo in November 2009 for NaNoWriMo, and it ushered in a new period of productivity. Then I got all lazy, and thought I could go back to using my computer… I’m a dedicated genius writer now… but nooooo…. At some point, the old habits came back and 2k became a hill to climb. For now, they are erupting in a cavalcade! I’m not asking why, I’m just trying to enjoy the ride. So far, my Urban Fantasy has witch doctor’s, a white queen, demon protectors, and a sexy Latin sidekick. Tonight, the Dark Sparks and The Brotherhood come out to battle the CIA spotters. Of course, the Brotherhood want to defeat the CIA and nab the Dark Sparks, and the Dark Sparks want to destroy The Brotherhood and get revenge on the CIA. The CIA want to protect the Dark Sparks from The Brotherhood… there's a lot of history here. It’s gonna be a hell of a fight.


  1. Yay! I was just wondering the other day if you were still using that thing. So glad it's made you so productive. :D

  2. Excuse me...what? *wipes drool off chin* hehe.

  3. OH, Angie! I didn't give you the mad reps for giving it to me in the first place. I will fix that in the next post....
    *leaves wipes for Trisha* You're welcome. :)

  4. LOL, reps not needed. I'm just glad it went to a good home instead of remaining on my dusty shelf. ;)