Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Down, Maybe, but not out!

Well, I've been knocked down by a mighty foe.

Insomnia. It sucks.

I haven't written hardly anything in almost a week, I'm just been dragging myself back and forth to work, trying to stay awake until its time to go to bed, then going to bed and staring up at the cieling, trying to remember ever having been tired. Last night I got a few hundred clumsy words, but not enough to mention. I really need to do a read through - something I had tried to avoid while writing, going a hundred miles a minute, only looking forward, not back. However, I've lost momentum and fallen out of the story, not to mention my poor fiction machine being set in "zombie" mode. The main problem is, that I don't know what happens next. So I'm going to go back and try and get caught up again. I'm not at all despondent about the story, only this damn zombie mode I'm in. Which is a very good thing, or at least, I assume it is, throught this fog of incomprehension. I just gotta hold on till the weekend and get caught up on the zzzz's. *crosses fingers*


  1. You can do it bettie. You just need some baked goods.

  2. You speak truth, MH Ruley! *hugs*

  3. I believe in yooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu!

    (I hear that's as important for sammiches as it is fairies.)


  4. Bettie, I hope you have been getting some sleep, now lady!! I'll send those damn sleep faeries to you.

  5. Haven't seen you around yet, but I had to do this:
    I gave you an award :) you deserve it for your blog's prettiness alone, but you seem pretty stylish in general too :D