Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day Two: Probably Time To Outline

Greetings, fearless readers. It is day two of the four days of madness, and after arising, at a much more decent hour than yesterday, I have indeed gotten my first two thousand words of the day. I did have two writing sessions yesterday, but the second one only garnered me about 1300 words. S'al'ight.

I think I've come to that point. The story has been moving along on its own, in the direction I had planned, but now we've come to that murky 100 page plateau. There are goings on in Mexico, out in the Midwest, the fae are abandoning this plane, and Sara has found a cryptic message left in her most recent acquisition's apartment. What appears to be a home movie, left on a piece of paper than can work as a projector. Yes. It's magic, folks. They have to find the location of the home movie.... or so they assume.

And I don't know what happens next. Considering that I want to try and write a little more tonight, I think I better figure that out! Time to start jotting things down in an outline.

Wish me luck.


  1. When I get stuck, I go back and read what I've already written - the more stuck I am, the further back I go. Usually gets me unstuck. Good luck with your outline Bettie! As they say on 'Meet the Robinsons,' "I have a big head and little arms..." Er... wait... wrong line... "Keep moving forward!" Yeah, that's it! That's the line I was thinking of! ;)

  2. mwah hahaha! I love that "I have a big head" - funniest bit in the whole movie. :)