Sunday, January 2, 2011

Not the Blog Post about Genre

I'm not ready to tackle genre yet... but I will tell you the last two days has gone pretty well. What I will talk about is oil. Man, am I rusty. (Cue the Tin Man. "Oil caaaan....") Yes. The tools have rusted up. Lots of sentences with 'She' capitalized. 'There were' and 'It was' all over the damn place. Oh well - I have permission to write crap. It says so right on this faded, coffee stained note I have up on the wall!

I've stuck to the goals both days, and I'm so shocked. I'm getting over 2 k... in less than an hour and a half. Yeah. Thank God for the Neo. I'm usin' that little sucker, and not staring at the wall thinking about the depth of my words, I'm just putting my fingers on the keys and typing. Even though I know a lot of it is info dumping. I don't care. I'm writing it for myself, right? RIGHT?!

I've also enjoyed the editing. I spend a solid hour editing Endways of the Gods after I've gotten my 2k in wordage on the new book. I'm really diggin' it. I know this go round might be a waste, as all my writing tools are working at half mast, if even that. I'm fixing miss-spelled word, reading my stilted prose and just sort of getting the groove of the story and seeing what needs to be fixed for now. Even so, I'm reading something I wrote and enjoying it. I have no idea how to query it, and its genre is all over the damn place, but it's not total crap.

That is all for now, fearless readers. Just sort of checking in. How goes it for you and your projects in the new years? Tell fairy all about it....


  1. Glad to hear you're writing and on the way to "recovery." Best of luck!

    I'm working busily on my crazy reality-TV-of-the-gods novel ... still looking to finish it by Valentine's Day. All the flaws are glaring out at me ...

    Finished what I call editing marks (handwritten notes on a hard copy) for Scylla and Charybdis, and will start transcribing / editing as soon as I finish the other book.

  2. Go Lindsey!!! whoooo! of course, I know you are a hard working little scribe... you put us all to shame! :)

  3. Hi, i found your blog via the AW forums - just wanted to say hi, and good luck with JaNoWriMo! :)

  4. You go, girl. :D

    Let's see... I'm working steadily on book two of my contract, a short set in the same world, and another story which slapped me upside the head over the holidays.

  5. Whooo hoo Alex!! :) A working writer... and who doesn't love stories that slap you upside the head?!

  6. This year (clears throat and clasped hands together) I am going to finish and (clears throat again) query my first finished novel, MDA, and I'm going to finish writing the outline and first draft of book two. (lets out big sigh and smiles).

    Seeing as it will have taken me 2 years on book one, I dont feel bad about taking a year on book two. (starts to look around, feeling guilty and now a little embarassed)

  7. *ahem* drinking game word in my post was "finish"