Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day Three: No Outline Yet

I guess I'm not out of story yet. Yesterday, I had no idea what needed to happen next, but then I didn't realize I hadn't finished writing what I started. I have a tendency to write... up to a certain point. It's weird, and probably not a good habit, but I prefer to only write one big happening a day. And I like to jump right into it when I start for the day. I don't know how that works... as I require a certain number of words be written a day. How is it that that 2k will stop before the big shootout, or the hole to the other side being ripped open? I don't know. Sometimes, I feel like a tourist in my own head.

Of course, I strongly hold to the Stephen King Theory, which is that stories are found things. They are all there, in the earth, and like a plodding archeologist, you have to chip away and dig it out, being careful not to destroy anything.

And where did the gypsies come from?! When I was in tenth grade, I lived way out in the boonies and had to take the bus to school. For a few months, we drove by this caravan type wagon parked on the side of the road. There was a family there, and I thought they were wearing costumes. Very early nineteenth century pioneer type clothes. It was all cow pasture out there and not a house in sight. I thought it was a strange place for a roadside attraction. Then one day, they were gone, and someone said "The gypsies have moved on." I was like... whu? And somehow, BLAM! Just driving down the street, they show up in my urban fantasy when it goes rural. Found things indeed... who knows what else is buried down there.


  1. It's funny sometimes how the characters in our stories misbehave and show up elsewhere. Or characters show up that you didn't know existed before. The resulting confusion can be hilarious!

  2. I know... it's awesome when they start working on their own... and kinda scary.

  3. gypsies freak me out...ever since I saw the movie "Thinner".

  4. I think outlining is a talent just like any other kind of writing.

    The best I've been able to do with an outline is to draft a couple plot turns, have an idea what the characters want, and from there, I write by the seat of my pants.

    I'd just listen to your characters ... they usually know better than the mere writer anyway.

  5. Ha! Yes, I find that as I'm writing new ideas and characters come to me and sometimes, though, I have to go back and edit a little to ease it in naturally or foreshadow but it's certainly fun seeing what will be unearthed as you let it all flow out naturally :D

  6. you all have great wisdom... that unruley is crazy tho. :) j/k!

    I want you guys to know your comments are much appreciated... I've felt like I've been working in a vacuum for awhile... :) Writing can be a lonely thing.