Friday, October 14, 2011

The Lost Weekend

Greetings, Fearless Readers. Today is Friday, and I am off work. That means I have a three day weekend. An excellent thing for someone with lots of edits to do. That's what I plan on doing. Gotta take this baby by the throat if I want to meet my deadline and have it in somewhat decent shape for betas at the end of the month.

I've only gotten 20 pages edited - in a week. That's beyond pathetic. I've been letting myself get sidetracked by the internet, the tv, the movies on the tv, the ghost shows on the tv... etc. That's a bad thing. I think when I move, I won't be taking a cable tv subscription with me. The shows I just gotta watch are on the internet anyway, and I have enough movies to choke a .... moviewatcher with a very wide throat orifice. As for man-stalking, all the good stuff on tv ends up on youtube anyway.

Please don't think that this tv watching is all I've been doing. I've read a great book and a kinda lousy book over the last two weeks, so it's not like I'm not getting my reading in. But  - I've rededicated myself to editing for the weekend. I hope that means it goes well, and you won't see me come limping into the AW - and - or - Twitter-sphere looking to nurse my wounds!

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