Saturday, October 15, 2011

Storytelling: The Lost Weekend pt II

Welcome to the lost weekend part two. The weekend of madness and editing. Well, I've been struggling with my edits of Darklight - which has had another name change, by the way. I'm going with "Dreadlight." I like it.

The trouble has been editing the crap I wrote before. I'm moving sentences around, moving phrases and clauses and throwing pencils. Then I had this great idea. What about saying "screw it" to the crap you wrote and just telling the damn story? I have this technique I use when having trouble writing something. I close my eyes and visualize the scene. Then I write it down. However, this requires throwing out the stilted paragraph or whatever garbage I've blurted out that isn't working, which I hate doing. It isn't that I have "golden word syndrome" - I know it's crap, but I have terrible short term memory. If I say a sentence aloud, I forget it as soon as it's out. I have to type it in order to remember it. If it's typed, I can remember it and fix it. If I delete it, it's gone forever, which is probably a good thing.

I don't know why I have this memory problem. And no, I'm not like Drew Barrymore in that stupid movie with all the dates. I function. I have a job and I home I can find. But for instance, at work, when I answer the phone, I may as well not even be listening if I don't have a pen in my hand or it isn't someone I know. They can say who they are and who they're with, but if it isn't written down, I'll forget by the time they're done saying what size thingy they need.

I'm also adding the sexy, which is fun, and hard. I'm adding in the love interest I wanted from the beginning but just, uh, sort of forgot to write. My female MC is thrown together with an old lover, one who has a weird effect on her. And of course, stuff starts happening. Gushy, luvy stuff.

And feel free to leave me shit in the comments if I used effect wrong. Which I don't think I did, according to this little book on my desk.

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