Sunday, September 23, 2012

Halted by a Headache

I'll probably surprise myself if I get something intelligent written tonight... I am writing this through a haze of pain. I probably shouldn't be writing it at all. Oh well, I am going to keep one damn goal for the day!

I have 20k left to edit on my gothic romance and really thought I would get it done today. I've been really good this week - I only took one day off before today. But it was not to be. I waited way too long to eat and got a headache that I can't seem to shake!

Anyway, I've decided that Sunday will be "sum up day". Since this blog is about my journey as a writer, and I hope that journey is leading (for reals now!) towards finding an agent, I thought I should 'fess us at the end of the week as to what I have accomplished. This week I rededicated myself and tried to limit my internet until AFTER I have done my daily work. I think I did well on that this week.

I edited a total of 60,791 words on my gothic romance. I did 4 blog posts (including this one), and wrote up a lot of notes for my NaNo story. The one thing I haven't accomplished is starting to work on the queries. I have the roughest of paragraphs for my urban fantasy, but that's it!

My goals for this week to is to finish the edit on the gothic romance and make another run through it then find beta readers!! Eeep! And then sketch out some sort of query - even an outline of it, if I don't actually form sentences. 

Have you got goals for the week?


  1. Woot! Sounds like you're kicking butt over there.

  2. I'm trying! :) Thanks for stoppin' by, my friend!

  3. Hunger headaches are the worst. I feel for you.

    I really should give myself goals again. Over the course of last winter I gave myself a goal of 250 words a day and usually exceeded that goal. Nowadays I can't pry myself from the internet, so maybe I need to give myself that goal again, and not go online until I have. I need to kick myself in the rear if I want the first draft done by the end of the year, and at this rate it isn't going to happen. This novel is going to be a door stopper.

    Congratulations on your progress, and good luck when the querying time comes.

  4. Thank you very much - and let us know how the goal-setting goes! :) Thanks for stoppin' by!