Saturday, September 8, 2012

Well That's Over!

This week, in short, sucked donkey balls. I did not have the fortitude of Tom Hiddleston; if you were following me around, you would not find me smiling in every picture. I'd be holding my head in my hands, or flipping off the camera.

Last Sunday night, I took a nap and slept on my stomach, which I never do. Not the nap, but the stomach part. When I woke up, I was squarshed against the wall, my jaw unhinged and my head in a funny position. Thus, two days of throbbing jaw pain. I wasn't able to sleep Sunday or Monday night. Then we had a weird shift in weather. Clouds blew in, the weather dipped a little, the apartment complex cut down a lot of the verge, and thus, as whatever I strained in my jaw healed, my sinuses exploded and I've been in an agony of headaches, rolling over the top of my head like an avalanche.

This has resulted in very little editing. Or pleasantries coming out of my mouth. And a lot of Advil being consumed.

I think my sinuses are finally chilling out, and I went eight hours without any medicine. Whoo hoo! Things are lookin' up. I'm going to try and get some editing done.

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