Monday, September 3, 2012

Road to Recovery

Coffee shouldn't be that surprised. I hardly slept at all.

It's been a really long time since I stayed up all night with a book. It started out with a very late night, reading Georgette Heyer's Quiet Gentleman. So good! I admit I saw part of the evil deeds that would unfold, but another aspect took me totally by surprise. However. I went to bed around 2 am, the book not finished, knowing I wanted to be productive today. Only to get up about two hours later with throbbing knee pain. Even after the Advil kicked in, I couldn't put it down, so it's probably fair to say Heyer owned the night.

My previous post was all about incorporating Avengers gifs into my blog and whining about how much I suuuck. Serious doubt spiral, from both story doubt and serious qualms about my ability to even write something readable. I like to think I'm kicking its ass, even as we speak, because I have already moved on to editing something else. I've got two chapters of my gothic romance edited. So there, doubt monster!

I've also decided I need to try and whine a little less on the internet. Believe me, when the spiral first began, I wanted to reach out to someone, something, to not go spinning down the toilet. I thought that wouldn't be cool. Restrain yourself. No one wants to hear about this. But then I got on the Twitter, and well, Twitter is not about self-control or restraint. It's the mallet to the knee of self-expression.

But then you did get that post with the Robert Downey, Jr. gif, didn't you? And we were all glad that happened.


  1. I live with the doubt monster, so I can totally understand. Hooray, for kicking it's ass. Not that I had any doubts that you would. You're a tough fairy. *hugs*

    What RDJ gif? Where? Where? He's my hero. :D

  2. He was in my previous post, my friend. He and Tom Hiddleston were judging you... :)